Well actually it’s all about you, not me.

It’s about how my vocal range and vibrant voice can bring your words and script to life to engage, immerse and resonate .

Because people remember far more strongly what they hear than what they just see or read.

And that’s what I do for you as a potential client - help you deliver memorable messaging.

Who am I?

I'm Kerry Hutchinson, ex-Military, actor, voice actor, narrator and father of 3 grown-up children (so am still Bank of Dad, Removal Services of Dad, and not forgetting Dad's Cabs/Taxis Pty Inc). I was born in Germany, have lived and worked in Europe, the UK and had the honour of serving with the US Marine Corps on combat operations three times in Afghanistan in the mid-2000s. I love dogs but can't have one until I can find time to train and walk a new pup, so meanwhile I love other folks' dogs - and cats but am too allergic to have my own cat ☹️

I have my own Source Connect Standard pro digital-quality home studio, a mortgage, and, a not so ‘’fun fact” about me, was that I was a very young Duty Officer in Berlin, the night Adolf Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, was found hanged in Spandau Military prison, British Sector Berlin (a story over a coffee or beer maybe?). During lockdown I brushed up on my method acting skills, and was in a film in August 2021 due to be released next year on German TV (German being my second language).

And I love travelling more than arriving. Oh yes - and we spent our honeymoon in San Francisco and Las Vegas - what a fantastic experience.

Why am I a voice actor and voiceover?

Because communication is key - after all, we’ve been using our voices to communicate with each other for thousands of years. And because I’m passionate about delivering your product so that people will remember your words.

What makes me get out of bed in the morning?

To take a leak. Then my Bank Manager and mortgage, but most of all, getting to work for my clients so that I can provide them with solutions.

I'm here to help you. I'd be delighted to provide you an excerpt read from your script, completely free of charge, to see how my vocal delivery would make your project sound.

A baby photo of Kerry in their pram
Me in my first open-plan mobile vocal booth
Kerry in a diving suit as a young man
I had hair once - diving the old way…
A photo of East Germany where Kerry lived
East Berlin Cold War - I served there…
Kerry serving in Afghanistan
Serving in Afghanistan
Kerry on patrol in Afghanistan
Another Afghan patrol over
Kerry sharing an iced cake with his lovely wife
Sharing iced cake with my loved one
Kerry in a beautiful garden
Sketching in a Cretan monastery courtyard
A photo of a beautiful robin in Kerry's garden
The nature I try to photograph: a robin in our back garden
Kerry smiling in their recording studio
My working day is spent in here
A log fire in Kerry's study
…and gazing into the fire at the end of a day's recording