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As a professionally-trained speaker and narrator, and former teacher of English as a foreign language, clear pronunciation is vital - especially when narrating for the blind and partially-sighted. I put incusivity formost when narrating documentaries and museum audioguides. I recently narrated an audioguide to the Battle of Koeniggratz for the German Military History Mueum in Dresden. You can hear samples and reels below:

Dresden Museum Audio Guide Excerpt

Audio Guide Demo Reel

Documentaries Demo

(Natural history / wildlife / birds / endangered species)

(World War 2 / PTSD)


I've listened to a few audio stories and different narrators, but in my opinion, allow me to say that Kerry absolutely stands out from the crowd. His acting is also eye widening. Kerry's characterisation of Mountjoy is precisely as I hear him in my mind. But it's Gerald that really works for the story - Kerry absolutely brought him to life better than I did. Thank you - I can't believe how alive the story is now.
Jason R, author