VoiceOver Boosts Your Sales

VoiceOver can help – how do potential customers hear about your product?

Just images and graphics?

Well, according to social media analysis, having someone speak your words with a voiceover, can boost your Google rankings and outreach by around 70%.

That’s because the human voice connects us to your message far better than images, subtitles and graphics alone.

A voice attracts traffic to your product or brand if the voice infers it is respectable and of value, so worth listening to and watching. And a voice can boost your call to action.

Because people remember what they hear far more strongly than just what they see.

And I can add value by delivering this for you.

You might think that paying for a voiceover is another cost – but have you thought about the cost to your potential sales of not using a voiceover?

I give free bespoke sample reads of your script, and if you like what you hear, let’s talk further.