I have my own studio, equipped with a walk-in isolation booth, interconnectivity with ipDTL; Source-Connect NOW, with remote live direction if required, and of course Skype. Together with my years of experience as an agency voice actor, my benefits to you include:

  • Near 24/7 availability, so I can voice your scripts rapidly and cost-effectively; proven first-sight delivery reads;
  • Flexibility in time and costs ā€“ Iā€™m my own boss so my lifestyle is second to my voice actor work flow
  • Punctuality ā€“ either in your studio or mine;
  • My previous real-world experience as an infantry commander, trainer of trainers and Civil Servant add credibility to my gaming, corporate and narrative voices.

  1. Documentary Reel 0:34
  2. Commercial Reel 1:30
  3. Corporate Reel 0:42
  4. Gaming Character Voices 1:20
  5. Gaming Reel Dry 0:58
  6. On Hold Reel 0:29
  7. IVR Cinema Reel 1:47
  8. E-Learning Reel 0:37
  9. Mate Next Door Ad reel 0:34
  10. Velvet FM Soothing Voice Reel 0:33

conversational, versatile, natural voice