Soothing Meditational VoiceOver to Help Menopause

Volunteering my voice to help others relax…

…by providing soothing meditational voiceover. I enjoy helping others, and this tool promises to help menopause changes in one’s life.

As a bloke, menopause was something I’d only heard about. I had just a vague idea what it might be!

That was until Over The Bloody Moon ( reached out.  They asked me if I would read some soothing mediations for their clients. I was delighted to do so. A soothing voice is what I offer as second nature. Helping others, who are facing life-changing transitions, is the very least I can do for them.

Over The Bloody Moon work with individuals and organisations to remove the muddle from menopause. Over The Bloody Moon believe with the right team, tools and tribe, one can thrive through this transition. They run a range of educational workshops and classes, alongside individual and group coaching programmes facilitated by menopause health specialists to help people manage this time of life.

Here’s the video: