Why using a persuasive voice that customers like and trust could lift your campaign above the rest.

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Why using a persuasive voice that customers like and trust could lift your campaign above the rest.

A high-grade, compelling voiceover is a powerful tool that could make the difference in a competitive world competing for a market share. And with the exponential growth in video as the audiovisual tool to reach customers, now is the time to grow your business by using a voiceover.

Your commercials, whether online or on TV, need a professional voice. And your web presentations, explainers and e-learner also need a trained, professional and believable voice to bring your product, presentation and training to life. And not just on TV – more than 1.3 billion people use social media – that’s a rise of 88% over the last five years, and equates to more than 8 new users every second.

Here’s a snapshot of UK use, courtesy of Hootsuite and Wearesocial:

So how could a voiceover help you penetrate the above target audience with your marketing and branding campaign? Well, videos often have complex messages that only have a short time to deliver their message – and the right voice can explain new concepts and deliver information persuasively and compellingly. In addition:

  • Your audience, indeed the wider public, make fast judgments on voice tone alone. So the right voice – believable, persuasive – can attract traffic to your product or brand if the voice infers it is respectable and of value to them, and therefore worth listening to and watching.
  • The right voice can inspire trust and confidence, with a perfectly rendered narration that is lively and engaging, delivering a high-quality marketing message.
  • If your product has a voice component it could boost Google rankings and increase social media shares.

A professional voiceover will have access to broadcast-quality equipment so that they can deliver faultless reads of the client’s script. This is where I could help you.

Having been with an agency for many years, I decided to go independent. I now have my own studio, consisting of a professionally built walk-in acoustically-treated sound booth, broadcast-quality mic and digital audio workstation, with talk-back vi ipDTL and Source Connect Now, for external direction into my booth.

So please call or contact me about how my voice can help you boost your ad campaign, whether corporates, documentaries, explainers, on hold messaging or e-learning strategies.


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