Video Games

Need a voice for a first person shooter? Then look no further - I’ve actually been a shooter for real - I know the fear, adrenalin-rush and panic when a weapon jams or you fumble a mag change and drop it - I’ve been under hostile fire with terrorists actually shooting at me and my platoon. What better voice could you have than one who knows it for real?

My vocal characterisations have been used by a number of gaming companies and I particularly like helping out indie game devs whom I meet up with at such events as EGX Rezzed.

Dramatic Character Voices

These voices truthfully reflect confidence, anger, remorse and reflection.

Video Game Demo

This reel gives you a snapshot feel for the differing vocal registers and accents I can sustain.

Video Game Character Voice Spellweaver

This reel was done for US-based Hamsterball Studios and is a character voice for a scared Spellweaver, a player guide.

Video Game Trailer


Kerry combines an experienced and confident tone with an authoritative delivery which makes him, in my mind, one of the best I've ever worked with. He particularly impressed with his range of character voices. Completely unafraid to try anything he's asked, I'd recommend him every time.
EJ, Creative Director

We required a voiceover to provide multiple voice input to our twin-genre single- player game Armoured Onslaught, and Kerry did an amazing job! Excellent communication and quick turnaround, we would recommend him to everyone! We hope to work with Kerry again in the future.
JU, Head of Production