Boost Sales: Customers Remember the Spoken Word

A VoiceOver Can Boost Your SEO By 70%

Voice over boosts customer sales – customers remember the spoken word, so you can use this to increase your sales. How do your potential customers hear about your product? Just images, unspoken subtitles and graphics? You could be getting much better results!



[Kerry is sitting in front of a wooden wall at a wooden desk. He is dressed in smart-casual style with a grey button-up shirt]

Hi! I’m Kerry Hutchinson of Kerry Voice.

Have you considered how your customers hear your message? Is it through graphics, subtitles or images?

Well, according to social media analysis, adding a voiceover to your brand or content messaging can boost your Google rankings by over 70%! That’s because the human voice connects us to your message far better than images, graphics and subtitles alone.

A voice can attract traffic to your brand if it infers that it’s respectable, of value and worth watching – and it can also boost your call-to-action.

Do you remember all those great ads from your youth? I bet you can remember what was said (so, the spoken slogan) far more than the images, the graphics or any subtitles. We remember what the person said. That’s because we remember far more strongly what we hear than what we see. And I can add value by delivering this for you.

Now you might think that paying for a voice over is just another cost but have you considered the potential cost to your sales and your outreach of not using a voice over? Now, I can give you free, bespoke sample reads of your script and if you like what you hear let’s talk further.

[A screen break, showing a multicoloured test card, before Kerry appears again thinking that the commercial is now over.]

[Speaking to a listener off-screen] Thank goodness that’s over, I’ve definitely got a face for radio.

[A caption card appears]

Kerry Voice
+44 07810 431 001

[Video finishes]

My voice over can help boost your sales, so let’s talk further!